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What is Leef Love ?

At Leef the wellbeing of humanity is in the focus. We here are not only satisfied with ensuring safe and positive working conditions for the workers pressing our Leefplates, but aim to go much further. In our effort to provide the region and people with a longterm perspective, we see education as a keyfactor for developing a better future. The Leef Love e.V. association therefore invests in the education of the children of the workers manufacturing our products. This includes support for schooling fees, school uniforms and learning materials. Because only through successful education can a new generation be helped to sustainably help themselves.

How does Leef Love work ?

There are 2 ways in which you can support Leef Love:

1 | Recommendation

Recommend Leef to a shop, caterer, restaurant or event organizer, that might be interested in using or selling Leef Plates. If this recommended client orders from Leef, 5% of the net value of each order will go to Leef Love. Lifelong, without ifs and buts.

You can recommend your contact below, or alternatively a personal introductory email is also very welcome. We will approach your contact only once and handle all data privately and not use it for any other purpose.

2 | Topping Up

Use Leefplates for your event and top up the net price with 5%. Leef then doubles that and adds an extra 5%. This provides a full 10% of the net value as an investment into the education of the children of Leef Love. If the overall value is more than 100€ we will provide you with a free display that explains the beneficial social and ecological service of your event.

Just mention on your next order that you want to support Leef Love.

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